COTA, Cadillac, Hoonin! WooHoo!

The Cadillac V-Lab is an awesome experience if you have never heard of it. Basically Cadillac lets you test out their newest vehicle offerings and lets you take them on a live track…at full speed.

We have been involved with the tail end of the 2012 V-Lab with Cadillac and this last event we have had the opportunity to head out to Circuit of the America’s (COTA) with them. Mind you this is the first event since the F1 Race came roaring through about 2 weeks ago. I wont lie and say that I kept my cool, I totally geeked out at the fact that our display was set up in Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton’s Garage, as well as the fact that I got to use Shumachers restroom!

Well, enough chitty-chat and on with the photos!